Tuesday, 31 July 2012

When I Think Of You


Everyday i always see your picture..i thought about it for the last time..i knew you
never knew me and didn't know at all..but we have a story..story that i think will become a reality, but has become a myth at its ending..and you also don't know about it..your face is 
not yourself..that is truth..and it hard to believe the truth..sometime it makes me feel love..but i know it will not be replied..because it existed from human mistakes..all started with a beautiful..makes me smile when i remember the last time..but in fact it has already ended with sadness..surely, i try to reaching out you..close to the real you..but i was helpless to do so..i'm not strong when i see you.. maybe not the permission of Allah for me to know you..i accept all that..i hope you will be happy..let me see you in silence to my heart is always calm in frustration..i hope all this will end..i tried to tell you..even you do not realize and know about're always in my memory..

p/s : our destiny is ordained by Allah..(sorry if my english are bad)

Terima Kasih Kerana Sudi Membaca Entri Saya ! :)

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